District Governor Terence F. Treppa

Governor's Travels October 2017


This month should be as busy as September ending in Halloween.

Club visits are;

          Oct 3, Tuesday, Trenton Lions Club

          Oct 4, Wednesday, Bedford Lions Club

          Oct 6-8, Friday to Sunday, Council of Governors in St. Ignace

          Oct 10, Tuesday, Detroit Renaissance Lions Club

          Oct 12, Thursday, Cabinet Meeting at Leon’s on Michigan Ave.

          Oct 14, Saturday, Trip to Firekeepers to raise money for our Convention in April of 2018.

          Oct. 16, Monday, Detroit Motown N.E.W. Lions Club

          Oct 17, Tuesday, noon, Madonna Lions Club

          Oct 17, Tuesday, Southgate Lions Club

          Oct 19, Thursday, Detroit Northeast Lions Club

          Oct 20, Friday, Penrickton Kick-off at Dearborn Inn

          Oct 21, Saturday, Detroit North Central Lions Club

          Oct 23, Monday, Rockwood Area Lions Club

          Oct 26, Thursday, Ecorse-River Rouge Lions Club

          Oct 28, Saturday, IPDG Martha Brown Appreciation Party

          Oct 29, Sunday, Leader Dog for Memorial Service for PRC Deborah Dayton

          I’ve been visiting several clubs and Installed Officers and Inducted new members. Clubs are functioning the best that they can. People are getting served. Remember “We Serve.” We can’t serve everyone on the planet so we serve those that we can and leave the rest to the Lord. We can be thankful that we can be of service to as many people that we do serve. It is by the pulling of the Grace of the Lord that we do the good works that we do. For this we are humbled and grateful to participate each in our own way to the betterment of humanity.

          Happy Halloween. ^-^


                                                Lion Rev. Terence F. Treppa Ph.D.

                                                Centennial Governor 11 A1 2017-2018